Cambridge startup aims to disrupt assisted living technology market


A new startup, based in the heart of Cambridge, is developing an innovative technology platform with the potential to revolutionise at-home care for older people in the UK.


Cambridge Assisted Living Technologies (Cambridge ALT), was set up by six science and technology PhD students from the University of Cambridge with the aim of allowing older people to live in their own home for longer. Today, the startup will meet with Daniel Zeichner MP, Member of Parliament for Cambridge, to discuss the potential impact of their new product on the lives of local residents and older people across the country.

With an ever increasing population, and the very high cost of care, there is a need to help older people live safe and healthy lives whilst ensuring they can retain their independence. Cambridge ALT has developed a system using the latest in wireless technology and intelligent data processing to learn what normal activity in the home looks like. When an abnormal event is detected, an alert is securely sent to a trusted friend or family member.

Oliver Bonner, a co-founder of Cambridge ALT, said: "Existing Assisted Living Technology systems use data from single sensors to generate basic alerts. Our modular system uses many sensors such as light level, appliance monitoring for the TV or Kettle, and door sensors, to build a holistic picture of what a person’s normal daily routine looks like."

As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics, Daniel Zeichner MP is helping to establish links between businesses, academia, and the public to improve policy making in the use of data. He commented: "Cambridge ALT is harnessing the latest in data processing techniques to help older people retain their independence and improve well-being."

He went on to say: “There is a technological gap in the provision of care, and Cambridge ALT is pushing forward its innovative system to fulfil this need.”

Cambridge ALT is in the early stages of commercial development and is actively seeking seed investment to develop the system further.

Josie Hughes, another co-founder, said: "By installing our system at home, older people can be given a safety net so that if an event, such as a fall, were to happen, assistance can be given as soon as possible. This will also give peace of mind to friends and families."


Daniel Zeichner MP

MP for the City of Cambridge constituency.

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