Camdata announces an industry first with the two technologies JETT•eye™


Camdata introduces the Jett.eye rugged hand-held with integrated 5 mega-pixel camera and bar-code reader. Standard are 802.11b, Bluetooth, IP65, Windows CE 5.0, 624MHz processor.

Camdata Limited, based in Cambridge, UK, has introduced the JETT•eye to its line of customisable products.

Integrating digital photography, bar code and wireless connectivity capabilities, JETT•eye is an advanced, yet affordable hand-held computer that lets users easily capture colour digital images and data in any remote location and seamlessly transmit everything to a main office, manufacturing facility or other centralized location.

“The JETT•eye was developed in response to requests from our customers for a high-performance hand-held mobile computer with digital photo capabilities that could be used under virtually any condition. JETT•eye is our cost-effective solution that allows users to aim, shoot and share, capturing and relaying images and data from virtually any field location. We see enormous potential for it in a number of industries,” said Peter Cowley, sales director of Camdata,

The product is built for quality digital imaging and data capture in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments:

·         Its 5 MP (4 MP processed) digital camera is equipped with an ultra-bright LED light source for photography in low-light areas, a wide, sunlight-readable display for ease of viewing in all types of settings, and adjustable IR coated-glass optics crisp, clear images.  Laser diodes help image alignment and focussing

·         Bar code imaging sensor, with a read distance of up to 8.25” and excellent depth-of-field, fully supports the industry’s most widely used bar code standards;

·         The unit’s IP65 rating ensures that internal components are completely protected against dust and moisture.

The JETT•eye also incorporates Bluetooth® and WLAN (802.11b) technology for real-time wireless connectivity with corporate networks and the Internet.  Additionally, it has RS-232 and USB ports for adding peripherals and accessories.  Other product features include 128 MB SDRAM and up 8 GB of data storage, allowing it to accommodate most onsite processing and storage needs. A full description of the product can be found at:


We foresee a number of practical applications for JETT•eye in a range of vertical markets where visual information capturing, storing and sharing is success-critical, including the geo-informatics, manufacturing, transportation, surveying, agriculture, security, government, military, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, and hospitality sectors.

The JETT•eye uses the Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 5.0 operating system and an Intel XScale® processor operating at 624 MHz.  It has a durable housing with a selection of keypads/keyboards and a sunlight readable 320 x 240 touch screen display.

As with all products in the JETT product platform, the JETT•eye‘s appearance and functionality are customizable and built-to-order in the time it takes other manufacturers to ship standard products.  Customization options include keypad layout and graphics, case colour, logo tag, serial tag, protective bumpers and cabling, bezel nomenclature and software.

Two Technologies, Inc., is a leading US-manufacturer of rugged hand held computers and terminals used in global applications.

Camdata Limited has been in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing rugged computer products for over 20 years.  More details on our websites:

For further information about the JETT•eye please email or ring 0845 064 5555 (+44 208 33 88 333 from abroad).

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