Campers snap up ex-MOD homes


Bargain basement homes were snapped up at a rate of nearly ten an hour by campers who had queued for up to three weeks before the sale.

The Ministry of Defence put 111 former RAF homes up for sale with starting prices of just 62,500 in booming Cambridgeshire.

With average house prices in the county approaching 100,000, prospective buyers were so keen to get their hands on the MOD homes that more than 100 pitched tents in a queue at RAF Wyton.

Withing nine hours of going on sale, 82 of the homes had gone and the sold out signs went up hours later.

People in the queue made a set of rules, forbidding anyone from leaving their tents for more than two hours a day.

Rachel Marcus, of agents Annington Homes said: 'It's always surprising when you get such a huge response.

'It's unusual to have that many campers by the beginning of the week leading up to the sale.

'It is always a nice surprise, although it's becoming more and more frequent.'

By Stuart Leithes