Career opportunities are at an all-time high - it’s time to put yourself on the job market!

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“If you've found yourself wanting more from your career recently, then I have great news. Opportunity is at an all-time high, the job market is moving at a rapid pace and it’s time to throw yourself into the mix!” says Katherine Wiid, Career Management Coach at Career Ambitions.

Opportunity is at an all time high - it’s time to put yourself on the job market!

Post-pandemic, there are a huge number of vacant roles in the UK (and further afield). There should be plenty of people to fill the surge in demand, yet employers are reporting a skills shortage. There are jobs out there, waiting to be filled, but no ‘perfect’ candidates to fill them.

Could you be what employers are looking for?

Facing a skills shortage but with jobs that need to be filled, employers are having to look outside the box. Companies are being more open minded, and some are no longer insisting on set lists of technical skills, or endless years of experience.

If you’ve been considering changing career, then now is the time to do it.  

Jobs you may not have been ‘qualified’ for pre-pandemic are now opening up to a wider pool of talent. And job flexibility is at an all time high, meaning that jobs that may not have been suitable locality-wise, can now be done remotely from your kitchen table! 

The first step towards securing your dream job is to know yourself. It’s time to show off what you’ve got, in a world of work where there has never been so much flexibility in terms of who, where and how the roles might be done!

Just because you’ve always worked as a data analyst, that doesn’t mean that’s what you are destined to be. Your hard skills and years of experience make you a good candidate in other industries too.

A job market of opportunity and new roles…

The growing demand for logistics, medical and more that we have seen as a result of the pandemic over the past two years has opened up a whole host of new jobs. But there’s also a new pool of never seen or dreamed of jobs available - with thousands of roles being created every day that no-one has done before. One that jumped out at me is a Chief Metaverse Officer – a hybrid role combining marketing, business strategy, fashion and more…

“I don’t have the skills to do that job” or “I’m not experienced enough” are two phrases I have heard often throughout my years as a Career Management Coach. But those are not valid excuses when it comes to these new and emerging roles because no one has a prescribed set of skills or years of experience. This means it’s a level playing field.

Step One: Applying for your dream job. 

Start by doing some research. Look at the organisations you are applying to and analyse the job description thoroughly. How can you help that organisation using your transferable skills? Take your time to put in the legwork - research their needs and challenges, identify the relevant achievements you have and be BOLD. Approach them directly!

This approach means taking the initiative rather than sitting back and waiting for a recruiter to come knocking. It might take a little more preparation time, but it’s far more effective than a ‘spray and pray’ approach to job applications. 

Step Two: Know what you bring to the table.

You need to recognise what you have to offer and know what you want to experience next! Rather than matching up to the ‘required’ list of hard skills, you need to put your transferable skills front and centre. These skills are useful across roles and industries and allow you to adapt and learn how to succeed in any role. Some of the most desirable transferable skills right now are adaptability, curiosity, problem solving, collaboration and the drive to develop and learn new skills. If you have those, you could take on almost any role your heart desires!

If you’re new to the idea of Transferable Skills, read more on the Career Ambitions blog here

Grab the opportunity, make that career change!

A great start to making that career change, and finding a more fulfilling role would be to attend the Cambridge Network’s next virtual Jobs and Careers Fair on Friday 19 November. You will get to see the people behind the roles, ask questions and stand out.

If you do decide to put yourself in the running, don’t waste the opportunity to really market yourself and clearly articulate what you bring to the table. Identify the transferable skills you have that mean you can adapt and succeed in any role.

And if you need a little help doing this, get in touch with me! I help coach clients just like you to feel more confident about career change, helping you to assess how your transferable skills can be applied to roles and how to understand not only yourself, but the job market, better.


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