CEDA sources scarce skills offshore


CEDA Resource, the recruitment management company, is addressing the ongoing skills shortage in the communications and networking areas by successfully sourcing candidates from overseas.

Gerry Puttock, CEO of CEDA, says; 'Our clients are becoming increasingly aware that the need to apply for work permits and the additional costs involved in offshore recruiting lose their significance when they see the benefits to their business of maintaining their skills base at the optimum level. We are taking away the headache of the persistently open vacancy.'

CEDA finds its candidates throughout the world but focuses search campaigns in the strong markets of South Africa and India. Puttock leaves for Delhi in the beginning of November to interview 160 Software and Hardware Engineers and UNIX specialists around India, selecting the best to relocate to the UK. His company processes work permit applications and goes on to manage the successful candidates' relocation and settlement in the UK.

Gerry Puttock



CEDA Resource