Centre for Business Innovation announces two new consortia


The Centre for Business Innovation (CFBI) has announced that it will be launching two new pan-industry consortia focusing on 'Social Media for Business' and 'Cyber Security'.

“Social media represents a great opportunity for companies. Some brands are enthusiastic users of social media, others are more hesitant. Some companies have been successful, everyone has encountered challenges with social media”, says Stephen Clulow, Director of the Social Media for Business Consortium.

“Businesses use social media to build their brand and their following yet they can struggle to translate this into real business value, a return on investment. They want to understand the role of social media influencers and advocates in marketing. Companies want to build effective governance structures for social media and learn how to avoid, or manage, social media crises. This consortium will bring together major European companies to explore these challenges. It will develop strategies to deliver real business value through social media.”

 “Cyber Security touches nearly every private and public organisation”, says Paul Ormerod, Director of the  Cyber Security Consortium.  

”The financial numbers published on cost of data loss, reputation and brand damage as well as  supply chain disruption are phenomenal. Unlike previous hacking by the disgruntled few, we seem to also be entering a serious warfare zone where infrastructure and production processes are being sabotaged as well data and cash being stolen by cyber crime. In all of this we witness organisational Boards often unable to keep tabs on the robustness of relevant processes and business culture, sufficient to enable them to regularly understand and report  to both authorities and other stakeholders. Its time to take stock and understand better business practice,  and technology evolution relevant to cyber security.”

Dr Peter Hewkin, CEO of CFBI adds, “We are delighted to add to our stable of consortia which also includes ‘Open Innovation Practitioners’, ‘Microfluidics’, ‘Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials’ and ‘Inclusive Design’. The CFBI formula delivering ‘Collaborative Advantage’ from bringing together corporate practitioners from different industries and markets in a confidential, trusting forum, now reaches around the world with members in 12 countries and upcoming consortium meetings in Singapore and California."



CfBI was founded in 2009 in Cambridge, UK. It manages blue-chip consortia around fast moving areas of technology or business process. Members of its consortia include: Google, Johnson and Johnson, SonyDADC, Philips, Nokia, Bosch and the National Grid. Consortia are guided by the wishes of their members and work on themes including: Technology Watch, Benchmarking, Standards and Lobbying.


For more information visit www.cfbi.com or contact: Peter Hewkin on ceo@cfbi.com or 07951721110



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