Channel 5 goes dot com for brothers' business


A new dot com set up by two Cambridge brothers has attracted the attentions of TV bosses.

Prashant and Sunil Shah's website was featured on BBC business show Working Lunch and now Channel 5 chiefs want a slice of the action.

It is keen to give the siblings prime advertising air time in exchange for shares in the venture called

The Shahs say the site can help men attract and then keep the woman of their dreams.

It offers products ranging from luxury gifts to regular reminders of crucial dates in a couple's relationship.

Prashant, 29, said: 'We're meeting a need that is not currently being met on the high street.

'It's not just about gifts but special things you can do to keep the spice in a relationship.'

The brothers who live in Chesterton came up with the idea after attending Cambridge University's business centre, the Judge Institute.

Working Lunch reporter Rob Pittam told the News he was impressed with the Shahs' scheme and tipped it for success.

'I liked the fact it was a traditional retail idea,' he said.

'They are making a profit on real goods, whereas a lot of dot coms can be quite vague as to how they will make money.'