Chinese President visits Cambridge


The President of China ended his historic state visit to Britain in Cambridge on Friday (22 October).

Hordes of people - both supporters and opponents - lined his route to the city centre, but President Jiang was spared the embarrassment of facing the protestors by a sudden influx of extra police drafted in to keep them at a discreet distance.

Shortly before his arrival the jovial atmosphere among the crowds was changed by the deliberate placing of three large police vans between them and the President's point of arrival.

Shouting 'shame on you' at the officers, the banner-waving demonstrators trying to make their feelings known about China's human rights record craned to catch a glimpse of Mr Jiang as he entered the massive University Library building.

The President had been invited to tour the prestigious Library to see its collection of rare books and manuscripts from and about China, as well as a demonstration of the University's electronic link to Tsinghua University.

He also gave a speech at the West Road Concert Hall before going on for lunch - reportedly a Chinese banquet - at Madingley Hall.

The President ended his five day visit to Britain by flying out from Stansted Airport in Essex.