CIR launches 10th Anniversary Cleanpower Smart Grids 2019 - innovation for grand challenges


The Cleanpower & Smart Grids Conference Summit 2019, an innovation event on the Grand Challenges of clean growth, reaches its 10th birthday in Cambridge this summer. The conference will approach the innovation challenges of clean energy systems (smart grids) and energy storage via connectivity, AI and data and materials.

1-2 July 2019

10th anniversary Cleanpower Smart Grids Conference 2019

Innovations in energy, digital connectivity & ML/MI & data to solve the Grand Challenge of Clean Growth
Justin Hayward, Director of Conference Summit, CIR, writes:
Clean Growth is certainly one of the key Grand Challenges. It has perhaps never been more important to focus on clean energy systems in a whole-system way and to consider how to move forward with a fully sustainable, robust and affordable global energy system. Please join us for this 10th anniversary celebration of this conference series Cleanpower and Smart Grids, where we will try to make progress towards these objectives. We'll be focusing not only on clean power generation such as renewables and on digital connectivity for smart grids, through companies like Darktrace, Moixa and CyanConnode, but also on energy storage and battery technology and energy efficiency.

Day 1: Executive briefing day and evening banquet dinner   
Day 2: Executive conference summit 

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CIR has run 50 technology commercialisation conference days 2002 - 2017 in four cities in the UK. There have been over 4,250 attendees and over 500 speakers and the internal list reached over 50,000 in 2019, with media partners and other promotions likely to reach a relevant audience of well over 300,000 executives, investors, inventors & innovators, industrial academics and public sector senior staff.

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