Cloud Health launches full service capacity of the Illumina HiSeq X Ten sequencing system


Cloud Health will promote the application of genetic sequencing technologies for both public health and clinical research within China, using the most powerful whole-genome sequencing platform in the world.


At Illumina APAC event in AACR 2015 meeting, Cloud Health Medical Group Ltd announced that they have already received 10 units of HiSeq X Ten System in March 2015, and launched the full service capacity of the most powerful human whole-genome sequencing platform. This will enable Cloud Health to promote the application of genetic sequencing technologies for both public health and clinical research within China.

Illumina is a world-leading supplier of genome sequencing platforms. In January 2014, Illumina released the HiSeq X Ten, the first sequencing platform capable of delivering a human whole genome for $1,000.This system has the capacity to sequence 18,000 high quality, high coverage human whole genomes per year.

With the HiSeq X Ten, Cloud Health will conduct advanced exploration of the human genome to better understand the body's genetic background, as well as individual health and well-being.

Cloud Health's CEO, Dr. Jason (Gang) Jin, discussed the cooperative relationship between the two companies and expressed his enormous sense of confidence in the venture. Dr Jin stated, "We chose the Illumina HiSeq X Ten not simply because of our trust in Illumina's technologies and instruments, but also due to our desire to form a strong alliance to promote genome sequencing applications in China. This partnership between Cloud Health and Illumina will undoubtedly become a major milestone for genome sequencing in the Chinese population."

Added Christian Henry, Illumina's Chief Commercial Officer, "We are excited that Cloud Health has chosen the HiSeq X Ten, which will give them the power to conduct highly economical sequencing at the population scale as they work to deliver new breakthroughs and advance understanding of the human genome." 

About Cloud Health Medical Group Ltd:
The Cloud Health Medical Group Ltd located at Shanghai is a leading company in China focusing on whole genome tests and health solutions for clinic research and health individuals. Cloud Health established a full range of genome technology platforms, including next generation sequencing, microarray, qPCR, etc. Cloud Health also owns Clinic Genetic Test Lab, High-End Clinic Center and Life Center with a medical doctor's alliance. Cloud Health is devoted to provide the total solutions from genetic tests, genetic counseling, health management, preventive treatment, and precision medicine services at one stop shop.


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