CMG proves innovative Amino architecture in under four months


Cambridge Multimedia Group (CMG) has started to roll-out products based on innovative, modular IntAct architecture.

CMG has begun manufacture of a low-cost, flexible set-top box (STB) and head-end server system after just 16 weeks product development. An order for a complete hotel system has already been received by CMG thanks to this rapid development, cutting over six months from the time-to-market, says the company.

Central to the development of CMG's system, dubbed Guestream, is Amino's IntAct architecture. In a joint development with Amino, the set top boxes and head end have been engineered in record time. Systems integration of video content delivery and smart card based services has been extremely rapid thanks to tight end-to-end service coupling via IntAct.

The Guestream system comprises an ultra-thin set-top box, broadband distribution network, head-end control server and a content delivery system. Capabilities include the delivery of regular terrestrial, cable and satellite TV and radio, video-on-demand, room service, Internet and email as well as in-house games systems.

'We are pleased to have worked with CMG to achieve an incredibly fast time to market for their new product,' commented Martyn Gilbert, Managing Director of Amino. 'The company has embraced the concept of IntAct's modular and flexible building blocks to create a powerful, low-cost private multimedia system. This was achieved in a fraction of the time normally required for a ground-up design.

'We have achieved the design of a complete system in a very short space of time,' added Tony Blake, Chairman and Managing Director of CMG. 'In a market that moves as fast as consumer multimedia, the IntAct architecture provides a quantum advantage in delivering innovative designs in the shortest possible time.'

Amino has developed a range of pre-engineered modules that can be used across a range of different STBs and network appliances providing manufacturing economies of scale. Because each module is self-contained and communicates with other modules via Application Programming Interfaces, new modules can be added easily to an existing Amino STB.

About Amino Communications

Amino Communications is a fast-growing electronics design company based in Cambridgeshire's 'Silicon Fen'. The company develops and licenses technology for a new wave of network appliances B products that deliver online services across a variety of networks. Current developments provide e-commerce, video and automotive solutions.

From a portfolio of pre-engineered modules, Amino can rapidly develop a diverse range of products to meet customers' requirements for communications, video, speed, power and expansion. The modules are connected using a patent-pending distributed architecture called IntAct.

IntAct lies at the heart of Amino's approach to electronic product design. Adding modules together to create a product for an evolving market is no longer a major feat of engineering. With the IntAct approach, engineering costs can be reduced by up to 80% and, more importantly, time to market can be reduced by up to 70%. This enables companies to quickly move into new markets and gives them the opportunity to react to changing market conditions.


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