Companies offered 4,000 help with exports


The Government is giving away up to 4,000 to each firm in Mid-Anglia hoping to increase exports.

A new scheme 'Your Passport to Export Success' has just been launched by Trade Partners UK, the government export service.

It is designed to help businesses that have never exported before or those currently exporting only 15 per cent of sales.

As well as the cash, the scheme also offers help with overseas contacts, dealing with rules and regulations abroad, language barriers and slow payment.

Trade Partners says it has surveyed companies in the region and most have said they start exporting only after an unsolicited inquiry or order arrives.

Yet, only 10 per cent of firms interviewed said the home market provided enough business for them.

Robert Driver, who works with Trade Partners in the region, said: 'The scheme is designed to help businesses determine their own future overseas rather than waiting for fate to take a hand.

'This is doubly important in the current economic climate.'

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