Conference presentation explores capacitive touch screen technology



A key presentation at a UK Conference for hardware developers, HW/Expo, will provide delegates with the information and solutions needed to ease the implementation of capacitive touch screens.


The presentation will discuss how all capacitive touch screens (CapTouch) work well in demos and on the bench but when they are installed in real world applications,  problems can start occurring. 

This presentation will provide delegates with the information and solutions needed to ease CapTouch implementation. 

H/WExpo will take place at Cambourne near Cambridge on 27th and 28th April 2016. The event will be free to attend for engineers and scientists working in the field of hardware development.

“This presentation will explore what options are out there and how they work,” explained Adrian Amor, Director at Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS). The presentation will also discuss such topics as CapTouch Installations, the effect of flexi tail, bezels, power supply matters, cover Glass implications, thickness, types of materials, types of bonding, Cap Touch stylus options, palm rejection, gloved operation, water Immunity and tuning processes.”

At H/WExpo, IDS will also be demonstrating some new CapTouch screens which offer much higher immunity to many of the problems faced, and some newly developed software that will ensure systems will run smoothly.

Covering topics such as hardware design, memory technology, touch technology, SoC, test equipment, display technology and reference design platforms, H/WExpo will consist of a series of workshops, an agenda of expert presentations and a vendor exhibition.

H/WExpo will be co-located with the Device Developers' Conference, an event for engineers that develop solutions based on embedded systems and realtime software. 


About H/WExpo

H/WExpo Conference is an annual conference for hardware developers, test engineers and manufacturers. The 2016 event will take place at Cambourne, near Cambridge, UK, on the 27th and 28th April.

Sponsored by a broad range of industry suppliers, the exhibition and conference, including a series of 40-minute technical presentations, and various 2-hour workshops, is free to attend for hardware developers and technical managers. Half-day workshops in various specialisms are also available for a small fee.

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Conference Contact:
Richard Blackburn


Tel: +44 (0)1603 439569


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