Confidence Tip: How to have more self-esteem and more love in your life


As February is the month of Valentine’s Day it got Madeleine Morgan of Growu thinking about love in its broadest sense – whether we call it romance, connection, rapport, understanding, team spirit, appreciation, caring, customer service or…?


Madeleine writes:

So much of our enjoyment in our personal relationships and in our career and business lives depends on how much love we experience. So the theme for my ’60 Seconds to Success Tips’ in February will be love and how to have more of it, in every aspect of your life.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel more love when I give love. And when I give love, often love comes back to me. It’s as if love attracts love.

So what could be examples of giving love?

  1. Noticing and expressing gratitude for all the ways your partner supports you. For instance, my hero-husband got up at 5.30 a.m. this morning to clear my car of ice and snow so that I could go to a business breakfast networking meeting in a warm, frost-free car. I made sure he knew that I really appreciated that. He could easily have complained about being woken early and the cold but he didn’t. Nor does he wait until a special occasion to show his love and I am generous with my appreciation for all the ways, big and small, that he helps me. I never take him for granted and so he feels like helping me even more.
  2. Thanking a supplier for their exceptional service – perhaps writing a testimonial for them or recommending them to others. It feels great to make that supplier’s day. They feel good that their efforts have been noticed and rewarded. You’re showing ‘love’ to your contact by ensuring that they get a good supplier too. When I appreciate and help my suppliers, they often help me even more as a result. It’s ‘givers gain’ at work.
  3. You could go out of your way to connect two people in your contact sphere so they can benefit in their business, career or personal life. For instance, introduce your single friends to each other. Perhaps then they’ll see the value of connecting you with others too.
  4. Remembering a client’s birthday or going the extra mile for them
  5. Keeping in touch with relatives and friends even when you’re really busy. We can all be a loving and supportive network for each other…making the world a warmer and more loving place.
  6. Supporting a good cause or doing a good deed for a ‘stranger’.Recently, Katie Cutler took the initiative to raise funds for Alan Barnes when she heard that this gentle, older man had been mugged. She aimed to raise £500 and ended up inspiring hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations. Katie took the initiative to do this loving act and by doing so she inspired many more acts of love and caring. I suspect she’s also receiving a lot of appreciation from others as a result of her good deed, even though that wasn’t in her mind when she decided to do it. Maybe we need to stop thinking of people as ‘strangers’.
  7. Reflecting back to friends, clients, colleagues, and others, their great qualities.
  8. Giving people a good listening to.The kind of listening that’s open, supportive and non-judgemental.
  9. Looking after your health and well-being so that you support yourself and treat yourself in a loving way. Recognise your achievements and let go of self-criticism. It builds your self-esteem and then you also have the energy to keep giving love to others.
  10. Allowing yourself to accept the love and support of others. They grow in self-esteem and resourcefulness by having the chance to help you and you put yourself in a healthy cycle of giving and receiving that strengthens you and your ability to give love.

The list could be endless.

How will you increase the love in your life today and all your days to come?

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