Consultancy firm in 'fast-growing' list


Technology consultancy Sentec has been named as one of Europe's fastest growing firms in its sector.

Sentec, based in Hills Road, Cambridge, was formed in 1997 and has already spun out several new companies.

Recognition of its success comes from accountants Deloitte & Touche, which put Sentec at number 24 in the UK Top 50 fast growers, and 41 in the European Top 500.

The placings are based on Sentec's ability to bring new technology into products people actually buy.

The company is involved in biotech, telecoms, and security, and last year made 800,000 profit (after tax) on sales of 2.2 million.

Boss and co-founder Andrew Howe says Sentec's approach is to focus on reducing barriers and risk to market entry.

The company also partners large businesses, such as engineering giant Invensys, which have access to distribution channels, vital for a company that has only 24 people.

Mr Howe said: 'We will keep the core team fairly select, maybe only doubling it in the next year or so, to retain the benefits of flexibility.

'But during this time we also plan to achieve three exploitation opportunities in the form of new companies or licensing agreements.'

Sentec spin-out companies include SmartBeads, used in drug discovery, Polatis, which has a way of dealing with bandwidth bottlenecks, Holotag, that did not do so well, and a new one, Visual Protection, which is all about intelligent cameras.

In an interview earlier this year Mr Howe said he saw it as his job to make as many Sentec millionaires as possible this year. This could be a good start.


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