Convergys expands global billing product portfolio


Clients benefit from maximum flexibility, rapid time to market, and product investment protection resulting from $100 million research and development investment

Convergys Corporation, the global leader in integrated billing and customer care services, today announced a bold new expansion

in its global billing product line as a result of its breakthrough component-based next-generation framework. This framework substantially enhances the rapid deployment of modular and fully convergent billing and customer care products for Convergys clients. Convergys invested nearly $100 million over the past three years to develop its innovative next-generation framework and enable creation of its highly flexible and modular product line.

Advanced communications providers worldwide now have more options to use Convergys products to create billing and customer care environments that are well-integrated, easily upgraded, reliable, and cost-effective.

In addition to Convergys' highly flexible and scalable end-to-end billing products, providers can deploy new Convergys application modules and pre-integrated or custom configured application suites to address their growing requirements for improved billing and customer care.

Convergys' channel partners will also be able to better sell and provide complementary products and services for Convergys billing and customer care offerings, enabled by expanded channel ready features and well defined product roadmaps.

'With this expansion of our modular billing product line based on our next-generation framework, Convergys clients can build upon their software investments with us and minimise their risk by working with a financially strong company that has a proven track record of performance,' said Bob Marino, President of Convergys' Information Management Group.

'This expansion in our product line illustrates our commitment to deliver a wide array of capabilities that will enable our clients to get to market quicker, increase their revenue opportunities, and support their customers with quality billing and customer care.'

Convergys' expansive global billing product portfolio today offers a broad array of modular offerings, ranging from a single application module such as its GenevaT billing and rating module to its fully convergent end-to-end products such as Atlys. This new breadth of offerings is available to service providers from small to large.

Convergys' end-to-end products address the broad range of convergent billing and customer care functionality for a well-defined segment. Convergys' Atlys, for wireless network operators, and WIZARD, for cable broadband, are end-to-end products with built in business logic and business rules that highly tune the product to the needs of a particular target segment.

Convergys' end-to-end products are offered with a unique core-custom option that enables operators to modify their systems to meet their specific requirements, while still being able to take advantage of Convergys-funded product upgrade release plans.

Convergys application suites will address convergent services needs with broad functionality by integrating Convergys modules and, where appropriate, other third-party components. These suites will be pre-integrated to provide cost-effective add-on functionality or may be configured using standard APIs to meet client-specific needs where an out-of-the-box solution is not the best fit. Convergys' application suites are also offered with a core-custom option.

Convergys application modules support distinct business functions like rating, mediation, and provisioning. These modules can be easily integrated into a client's existing OSS environment or can be part of a broader Convergys solution for that client. Convergys' Geneva billing and rating module has been quickly assimilated into its product portfolio in part because of its next-generation framework.

'Convergys' expansive product strategy, supported by its next generation framework, meets a wider range of service provider needs through the modularisation of its products and services,' said Paul Hughes, Yankee Group's director of billing and payment application strategies.

'These new products allow Convergys to target clients beyond the tier-one level, while offering all clients more functional options. This move will likely result in increased market share and improved client satisfaction.'

Convergys' next-generation framework encompasses a component-based architecture that is truly convergent and is proven in terms of scalability and functionality through many Convergys client implementations.

The architecture is interoperable with other open systems as well as multiple legacy platform technologies, providing an XML-based integration backbone that easily interfaces with related OSS solutions, third-party CRM platforms and a variety of service channel technologies such as web-services, WAP, and CTI.

The capabilities of Convergys' component-based architecture enable quick integration of Convergys offerings with a client's existing applications. Additionally, Convergys' component-based architecture enables solutions to be efficiently introduced and upgraded, thus avoiding 'entire system' upgrades. Convergys' unique approach allows an operator to participate in convergent services with one system, using interoperable components that are already proven to work together.

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