Would you face up to the Corporate Speaking Challenge?


Do you fear or relish the idea of making presentations? While Cambridge Network member Kate Atkin speaks for a living, she confesses she still finds these events fear-invoking. So why compete in the 2015 Corporate Speaking Challenge? And why is she sharing her knowledge on public speaking to a wider audience on the evening of 7th December? Read on to find out...


Kate writes:

Having just completed a masters in positive psychology I discovered the theory of the Imposter Phenomenon.  This led me to realise that my own internal voices telling me at times that "I wasn't good enough" or "if I didn't do things 100% perfect it was a huge failure" are actually false and quite common.  Now I knew that intellectually before I came across the psychological term, but learning more about the phenomenon has helped me to understand and overcome the feelings.

So when I was offered the chance to compete in this year's corporate speaking challenge I said yes, before really thinking about the consequences.  The finals were held this week, and I came second.  So does that mean I failed?  Well, I did fail to get first place, but I also know the judges took ages over their deliberations between first & second place, and I know that I did my best on the night, and I know from feedback that others thought it was a very good, and informative, speech.  So no, failure would have been finding an excuse not to take part, which was tempting!

Michael Ronayne, director of the College of Public Speaking said "The Corporate Speaking Challenge brings together a wide range of accomplished speakers from all walks of society in a contest to test the fluency and credibility of the individual speakers.  To be the runner up in a very strong field is a great achievement and Kate’s performance, talking about control, connection and purpose was worthy of the prize. She has great poise and a very relaxed and relatable manner.  She engages naturally and draws the listener in with ease."

So if you find excuses not to speak in public, or find yourself reluctant to speak up in meetings or wish to brush up on your skills, then join me on 7th December at 6.30pm at St John's Innovation Centre for a glass of wine, a nibble of cheese and some sharing of presentation tips. 

Book via Eventbrite and make a donation on the night to help raise funds for Arthur Rank Hospice. 



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