Creating confidence in the City


You might not think there is a need for more confidence in the City, but Kate Atkin recently found there is a great appetite for the subject.

Two recent events have drawn a full-house eager to learn how to present themselves confidently.  After leaving Barclays Bank over 10 years ago, Kate Atkin was invited to speak at the Institute of Financial Services.  You would think that the City doesn't need any more confidence, but it seems from those present that tips on how to present yourself confidently were indeed welcome, and much needed. 

The first key was to explain that confidence is a balancing act; get the balance wrong and you are in danger of appearing arrogant.  Roy Budgett Fifs, Director Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets, President London & Home Counties IFS School of Finance commented, “To a full house, Kate delivered the January 2011 prestige lecture. Testament to her presentation was the fact that it was the first time that I have seen the members actively volunteering to participate at the front.” 

The following week Kate was back in London at The Guildhall, speaking at the City Business Library where the audience was a wide range of people both in business and seeking to find their next position within the City.  Again, the topic of confidence was well received and many commented that the two-hour workshop exceeded their expectations.

So what is it that's so alluring?  The topic of confidence is in some ways mystifying, as you don't realise you need confidence until it's no longer there.  When that happens, what strategies can you draw upon to give yourself that all important confidence boost? 

To build your confidence Kate suggests you start to build your Confidence Wall... a technique that involves writing down as many memories as you can of specific moments in time that you feel good about.  They can be award-winning presentations but Kate has as many small ones as big ones on her wall as big ones, such as jumping a hurdle once when at school!  There's more detail about the wall in Kate's book, The Confident Manager, or you could always see if she's available to speak to your organisation.

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