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"Normally when we design presentations for our clients to use at conferences, it’s on the assumption everyone will be in the same place, even if the presentation will also be available online," writes Jeremy Rose of Creative Solutions. 

When Samsung’s European communications team gave us a brief, however, it was to create a presentation that would be operated from the UK, delivered in Spain and broadcast around the world — all on a mobile phone.​

Around the world with Samsung

Needless to say, this is the kind of challenge we love at Creative Solutions. Not only to create a show-stopping presentation, but to do it in a way that pushes the technology forwards.

The theme was to be around technology, showing Samsung to be modern, forward looking and user friendly — the aspirational brand. The method of presentation, to be remotely controlled over the internet or run from a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, was not only for convenience. In this case, the medium really was at least part of the message.

Effective delivery of positive messages

The aim was twofold — to highlight, through feedback from across Europe, the degree of confidence customers have in Samsung’s mobiles to deliver effective technology, and to create a corporate communications voice that Samsung could use to deliver positive messages to their target audience.

The BBC were involved, giving live broadcast training and so bringing the whole experience alive for the communications team.

Prezi presentation

Though we used a broad palette of software to deliver the project, the presentation itself was created with Prezi. Originating in Hungary (the name simply derives from “presentation” in Hungarian), this is a tool allowing presentations to be formatted as visual storytelling, following the flow of dialogue, rather than the traditional slide-based formats.

This, along with Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop and Apple Quicktime 7 for video development and editing, allowed us to create a more free-flowing, natural style of presentation. Combined with the novel method of delivery, it was a great hit.

“This looks cracking!,” enthused Tabitha Aldrich-Smith, Samsung’s Head of Comms for Europe at the time “Brilliant presentation… it went so well we were awarded Best Presentation of the conference.”

You’re reading this because you want something designed. But actually, you want more than that.

You want an agency that’s engaged enough to understand your objectives, experienced enough to turn them into a reality, and creative enough to leave you thrilled with the results. You’ve just found us.

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