Cybit patents 'peace of mind'


Keeping tabs on your loved-ones is the latest idea from Godmanchester telematics company, Cybit.

Better known for its truck-tracking technology, the company has now developed HiPer, which it says is the first portable telematics device to combine a personal location and emergency alert.

Using satellite tracking, HiPer means anyone can be located, anywhere, if they are carrying the device.

Cybit floated on the AIM list earlier this year, bravely bucking a difficult market.

The company was founded by former speed policeman Brian Robins, who was also a founder of car security company Toad, along with Sir Chris Evans.

HiPer is aimed at mobile, remote or vulnerable people, and has an identical shape, look and feel to a mobile phone, making it the industry's smallest portable telematics unit on the market.

It is also the first mobile phone-style device to use the new Siemens TC35 dual bank GSM module, which works on two different frequency bands to improve the range and reduce network saturation problems.

Cybit says this ensures safety, regardless of location. The company wants children, elderly people and the handicapped to benefit from the new device, as well as commercial users such as VIPs, police and security staff.

Parents concerned about the whereabouts of their child can check where they are, although Cybit can also provide geo-fencing to raise the alarm if a child is not where they are supposed to be.

Richard Horsman, chief executive, said: 'There's obviously a strong market for this type of solution for parents who want to be able to check quickly the location of their children when out playing, or for the concerned relatives of an elderly person who lives alone.

'However, we also see a strong demand from the commercial sector, with applications including a social worker or nurse who has to make home visits to a potentially violent client, soldiers on wide-ranging or dangerous patrols, or a policeman in the city centre on a Friday night.'