Discovery Engine technology brings order to Internet's Frontier mentality


, UK-based information retrieval experts, today announced the launch of its Discovery Engine, a necessary evolution of Internet technology that enables a meaningful knowledge of information published on the Internet.

This will enhance an organisation's abilities to protect intellectual property, manage brand reputations and conduct research.

Envisional's first customer is the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a body that represents 1,400 record producers and distributors around the world. The Discovery Engine is the centrepiece in a software development project that IFPI will be working on with Envisional over the next 6 months.

Ben Coppin, CEO of Envisional Software, said, 'Theft on the internet was only declared illegal two weeks ago - that's symptomatic of a frontier mentality where the rules are not even there to be broken. Today, the Internet is a primary mechanism for the conduct of business and individuals must be as accountable for their actions in the online world as they are in the real one. Our discovery engine technology sifts through millions of links to identify, with a precision that was never possible before, exactly what is being published by whom on what subject. It's search technology that the industry has been waiting for.'

IFPI, the music industry's chief watchdog, is working with Envisional to solve an Internet piracy problem that has increased rapidly over the last six months. IFPI has estimated that at least 25 million illegal music files are available on the Internet with up to 1 billion downloaded annually.

About the Discovery Engine

Envisional uses an advanced, rules-based language to automate a discovery process beyond the scope of human capability. It helps businesses find out what is being said about them, their clients and competitors or a particular field of research. This ground breaking software is helping to ease the transition of the old world economy to new media conditions by overcoming the lack of precision search tools for unstructured data.

It aims to help organisations in three distinct ways:

  • Revenues - For content publishers, the Internet has enabled intellectual property theft - of the spoken word, still and moving images and music - on an almost unimaginable scale. The discovery engine identifies breaches of intellectual copyright, enabling organisations to take appropriate action.

  • Reputations - For global brands, the Internet is the world's biggest rumour mill. Many of these rumours are generated by individuals with axes to grind and are extremely damaging. Last year, a rumour started spreading that KFC had created a GM chicken without a beak or feathers for use in their restaurants. If this kind of misinformation is left unnoticed and unchecked, it can literally bring a company to its knees.

  • Research - the Internet is a vital source for those involved in research of any kind. However, the thousands of different URLs being returned by search engines for any query wastes huge amounts of a researcher's time and money. They need to automate the drudgery of ploughing through these URLs in order to improve their productivity

    Traditional search engines cannot provide any real precision in information retrieval, making it difficult, expensive and time consuming for organisations to address these problems. Envisional's Discovery Engine technology addresses precisely these shortcomings.

    Customer Services

    Envisional makes its Discovery Engine technology available to customers in a variety of ways. It offers a complete service to its clients, maintaining a Professional Services staff to customise reports to meet individual business requirements. Envisional provides a 24 hour monitoring service with immediate up-dates which are available in both on- and off-line formats. Complete confidentiality is assured through separate secure databases.

    Customer offerings developed to date include:

  • Internet Regulation - with the massive proliferation of the Web, it has become almost impossible to identify and tackle all breaches of intellectual copyright or to keep track of malicious information being published. Envisional trawls the Web on behalf of its clients, providing the information required to protect revenues and reputations.

  • The Researchers Aid - the Internet is a goldmine of information for research into every conceivable topic. However, sifting through this information is an onerous and time-consuming process that, even with the best will in the world, cannot guarantee results. Envisional automates this process, using computers to eliminate the drudgery and allowing research organisations to focus on analysis.

    Customers whose search criteria remain consistent over time simply provide this information to Envisional and receive a regular report updating them with all new relevant information published on the Internet. Customers whose search criteria change regularly are assigned an account team that manages this process on their behalf.