Ditch e-economy call


Hi-tech firms need to ditch the idea of a separate e-economy and concentrate on using technological advances to deliver what people need.

Celebrated engineer and Eurotunnel Plc co-chairman Sir Robert Malpas, who has headed some of the UK's biggest companies including BP and ICI, says the e-revolution should not mean a split between so-called old and new economies.

'The two marry together and they always have done,' he told 4eN News.

'One hundred and fifty years ago, the world revolution was about electricity and electro-magnetism. That was an enormous revolution and people didn't call that a new economy. They embraced it and it produced what we have today.'

He added: 'Dot.coms are created and exist to do something, to provide a service. What they have to look at is relevance, and whether the market they are providing for is going to be there in a year's time or whether the world is going to move on.

'People should not look at a new economy. They should look at what the world needs.'