Do apps work for B2B?


IT consultancy Tier 2's managing director Andy Kennedy has been featured in an article about B2B apps.

Andy was interviewed recently by The Marketer and as a result he has appeared in this article.

Here is the excerpt from it:

    "Apps can also play an important part in managing the relationship between customer and suppliers. IT consultancy Tier 2 managing director Andy Kennedy says this can play an important part in fostering loyalty over time. His company has designed apps allowing car dealerships to access information from the manufacturers through a range of devices.

    "In these situations apps provide just one more way of cementing a bond between the suppliers and customers, says Kennedy.“Manufacturers don’t want to lose their dealers and it’s a competitive marketplace. We are talking about long-term contracts, so an app won’t be critical but it will improve the touch points between the manufacturer and the dealer, and that can make a difference in the longer term.”  
You can read the full article here.



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