Do you want to understand your gas chromatograph or GC-MS instrument?


Anthias Consulting's Complete GC & GC-MS training course teaches all the essential theory you need to know about Gas Chromatography and its related techniques. There are places available for 29th January in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Join this five-day training course, approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for CPD.

This detailed and thorough theoretical training enables you to understand your GC or GC-MS instrument. Find out how to choose the techniques for an application, set-up the instrument, how to develop and optimise methods and then finally how to maintain and troubleshoot the instrument, techniques and method. The course also takes a brief look at advanced techniques.

Learn all the practical theory you need to know including gases and plumbing; sample introduction; injection techniques; data analysis; and sampling techniques.

The course includes visual aids, to help put the theory into context. Delegates will gain practical insights which they can apply directly to their analyses.

Attendees of this course enjoy the depth of the theoretical content combined with practical knowledge and insights. The interactive nature of the courses enables delegates to benefit from the knowledge of the presenter. All trainers are practising analytical chemists with current skills.

Benefit from face-to-face training, interact with our expert to clarify your understanding.

There are places available for this course running on 29th January in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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