Don't wait for a tragic event before making life changes


Fifteen years ago I left the corporate world and branched out into the risky world of being self-employed, writes Kate Atkin of Aspire 2. My motivation? Not to "play it safe". Why? Learning through tragic experiences that life really can be very short, so make the most of it. Since then the date has taken on very different connotations; please don't wait for a tragic event to give you motivation.

Fifteen years is a long time, and in September 2000 it didn't cross my mind that I would still be self-employed in 2014.  I have enjoyed and made the most of the years, the opportunitites that have passed my way, the chance to learn new things and to work with some amazing clients and individuals. 

Thank you to both local Cambridge busiensses and organisations and to those further afield for making the time so enjoyable.

Here's a snippet about how and why it all started:


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