Dr Peter Radley accepts position as chairman of Antenova


Dr Peter Radley, former Alcatel UK Chairman, is proving 'invaluable' to the antenna developer

State-of-the-art antenna developer, Antenova, is pleased to announce the appointment of their new Chairman, Dr Peter Radley.

Dr Radley takes over the position to lead the next stage of the company's development. 'I am very excited by the prospects for Antenova's technology because of the way it is already revolutionising new developments in both cellular and WLAN technologies,' said Dr Radley.

Peter Radley has accumulated over 35 years of experience in the technology evolution of the communications industry. He has held various senior management positions in Alcatel, including Global Marketing Director and Chief Executive and Chairman of Alcatel UK and Ireland. He was responsible for 'advanced technology and the mobile communications business'.

Dr Radley has held a position as Non-Executive Director of Antenova since November 2001. Antenova is delighted that he will be playing a more prominent role in the company's development.

'We are extremely pleased that Peter has agreed to assume this role at a pivotal period in the development of the company', said CEO Dr Graham Cooley. 'His understanding of the dynamics of the telecommunications industry is proving invaluable to us'.

Dr Cooley paid tribute to Dr Anthony Winter, who is stepping down after two years in the position of chairman, for the contribution he has made to Antenova. 'Anthony's experience and acumen has provided us with a tremendous springboard for future success' he said.

Cambridge-based Antenova has developed a small, extremely efficient antenna that can electronically steer its beam to minimise the effect of interfering signals. It is immune to being detuned or upset by its surroundings and can be placed in close proximity to similar antennas without cross coupling. The antennas are suitable for an extensive range of applications, including 2G and 3G handsets, macro, micro and pico basestations, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN.

  • Antenova was formed in 1999 to commercialise a revolutionary directional antenna technology, which increases the capacity and performance of wireless networks.

    Our products are designed to customer specifications and many are design-in components. We have already designed two products: a pico basestation antenna for ip.access and a location monitoring unit antenna for Cambridge Positioning Systems. Our antennas are suitable for a wide range of applications, including 2G and 3G handsets, macro, micro and pico basestations, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN. Our capabilities enable a rapid product development process, from the Research and Development stage through to manufacturing and quality control.

    We have a highly-motivated, world-class team of RF and Electronic Engineers, Physicists, Software and Mechanical Engineers and Materials Scientists - all with many years of experience in their relevant fields.


    Antenova's technology is revolutionary. It increases the data rates of a handset, whilst reducing its power consumption and improving network performance. Our antennas selectively filter out unwanted signals, thereby reducing interference and diminishing 'dead zones'.

    Despite being substantially smaller than conventional copper antennas operating at the same frequency, our antennas still have the ability to deliver over 90% efficiency. This efficiency significantly reduces the power needed to transmit a signal, which in turn, increases the talk time between battery recharges.

    Antenova's radio signal management technology on mobile terminals can increase network capacity manifold, enabling more efficient use of spectrum and infrastructure.


    Deployed in the infrastructure, Antenova's antennas are small enough to be mounted discreetly on or in objects such as street lamps, and due to their immunity to proximity detuning effects, more than one operator can be accommodated in one basestation. Our antennas therefore enable:

  • better utilisation of space
  • site sharing
  • fewer unsightly basestations in the environment

    The real attraction of Antenova's technology is its simplicity. No phased array or signal processing is required to form a directional beam.


    For further information please contact:

    Vicki Ward, Marketing Manager
    Antenova Limited
    Far Field House
    Cambridge CB5 9AR, UK

    t: +44 (0)1223 810616 f: +44 (0)1223 810650
    e: vicki.ward@antenova.com
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