DT just gets stronger


Deutsche Telekom says it saw strong growth in 2001 with its mobile operations One 2 One and T-Mobile Deutschland adding a million subscribers between them in the last three months.

The company says the total number of mobile subscribers is up 20 million to almost 67 million, making it one of the world leaders.

Its T-DSL high-speed internet service saw the number of lines triple to 2.2 million, while T-Online was up a third to almost 11 million.

A spokesman said: 'Demand for the fast internet access boomed throughout the past financial year... Deutsche Telekom has left other DSL providers in Europe and the USA far behind with these figures.'

In the US, VoiceStream had a record final three months to the year, adding almost 670,000 subscribers to take levels to seven million.

The UK saw the total number of One 2 One customers rise more than two million to 10.4 million. Deutsche Telekom says T-Mobile Deutschland is now the 'unassailable market leader' with 23.1 million subscribers.

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