IET aims to 'Engineer a better world'


The variety of exciting, creative and stimulating careers in modern engineering is vast. And yet demand for engineers far exceeds supply – and only six percent of engineers in the UK today are women. That is why the IET has launched the 'Engineer a Better World' campaign.


They believe we must get more young people – including girls – interested in becoming engineers and they need your help.

  1. Visit IET Faraday to see the IET's collection of online engineering teaching resources
  2. Get involved with FIRST® LEGO®League, the IET’s global science and technology competition for teams of students
  3. Read about Tomorrow’s Engineers: Information and resources about the amazing careers available in engineering
  4. Explore Your Life: A campaign to ensure young adults in the UK have the maths and science skills needed to succeed in the current competitive global economy
  5. Join IET at an Engineering Open House Day. Coming to an inspiring venue near you in locations across the country in Summer 2015.  If you work for an interesting venue that you would like to take part, contact

Research conducted by the IET has shown that there is a growing need to change perceptions of what modern engineering is and what it can offer young people, and particularly girls, as a career. Mums and Dads are key in helping their kids choose school subjects and a future career, so we want to show them that engineers are not only scientists, computer and technology specialists and mechanics, but also artists, designers and creative thinkers. There is so much variety in the engineering jobs available.

The IET has developed the ‘Engineer a Better World’ campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians by encouraging young people and their parents to nurture their curiosity and think differently about careers in engineering. The campaign will also showcase interesting female role models who have fun, creative and rewarding careers. 

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