Engineers develop chewing simulation machine to test denture adhesives


TWI engineers led by Dr Farshad Salamat-Zadeh have designed, developed and manufactured a machine to simulate the chewing actions of the human mouth in order to test denture adhesives.

The electro-mechanical Articulated Denture Adhesive Monitoring (ADAM) prototype is able to mimic chewing and a mouth-like environment (e.g. temperature, humidity and bite force) in order to save time when undertaking research and testing of dental adhesives by offering detailed quantitative and qualitative information.

The prototype also allows users to create programs related to different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) with their own applied loads and number of cycles to accurately model real-life use.

ADAM collects and displays live load, displacement and environmental data on a screen and in Excel file formats, as well as simulating the data in 3D heat maps with 360° movement.

The prototype was fully inspected and gained CE marking before being delivered to TWI’s client in June 2017.

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