Enterprise Link launch success


'Enterprise Link is supporting and enhancing the traditional role of Bank Managers and Accountants in bringing people together.

' This was the unexpected but very complimentary comment made by more than one person at the launch of Enterprise Link at the end of June 1999. The launch was a success - membership of Enterprise Link now stands at nearly 100 businesses.

Fifty businesses were represented and there was a positive buzz in the room throughout the evening. Walter Herriot, Chairman, explained the rationale behind Enterprise Link, encouraging local technology-based businesses to make use of the telephone help line and find further contacts through networking events. Walter stressed that the 'It won't work syndrome' often said of any new initiative in Cambridge would only be banished if local businesses were interested and supportive.

Ursula Lenel, Innovation and Technology Counsellor, explained more fully the workings of Enterprise Link and emphasised the wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts that the advisers had between them. She asked companies to let Enterprise Link know what kind of event they would like to see offered in the future.

Adam Twiss, Co-Director of Zeus Technology Ltd, was the guest speaker. He talked of the speed at which his company had developed, necessitating a fast learning curve and a way of meeting good contacts speedily. He stressed that he could not have become so successful so quickly without the continuing help of business advice and contacts that people had been so willing to give him. Networking was all important and he welcomed Enterprise Link as a catalyst for growth for other early-stage businesses.

After the launch many people said it was great to see so many small like-minded companies in one room and said they had made useful contacts.

Even more gratifying was hearing those companies that had thought networking events of no benefit to them say they had met old acquaintances or companies with whom they could do business. Others said they were pleased to leave their daily routine and the evening had made them realise the true value and stimulation of meeting new people and companies.

The Enterprise Link team will continue to do all they can to help the many hundreds of technology-based businesses grow in the Cambridge area. For more details see our web site or contact Dorcas Doolan on 01223 422218 or ddoolan@stjohns.co.uk.