Event focuses on business opportunities for quantum technologies


If your business or core interest involves quantum physics and its potential to change the world, don't miss a special Cambridge Network event coming up on Thursday September 24th, when you can learn about the National Quantum Technology Hubs and how you can take advantage of the opportunities for funding allocated to support business collaboration.


The UK government has invested £270m over five years into a National Quantum Technologies Programme to accelerate the translation of quantum technologies into the marketplace, to boost British business and make a real difference to our everyday lives. The vision is to create a coherent government, industry and academic quantum technology community that gives the UK a world-leading position in the emerging multi-billion-pound new quantum technology markets, and to substantially enhance the value of some of the biggest UK-based industries.

The investment covers a range of quantum technologies -  computing, communications,  networks, imaging, sensing, metrology – with a range of potential applications relevant to many sectors that can build systems and services around them.

 A new Quantum Metrology Institute is being established at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), to support all areas of work.

This morning event will provide an introduction to: the National QT programme; the activities/focus of the four Hubs and NPL, specific to opportunities for industry participation; and relevant support in the region for industry.

A quantum-focused industry network is also being set up, and direct funding for industry-led quantum technology projects is available.

This event should be of interest if:

  • you’re working on transforming the security of data and transactions ranging from government and industry to commerce and consumers
  • your interest is in the accuracy of measurement of time, frequency, rotation, magnetic fields, gravity… which will deliver unprecedented views into the brain for dementia research and into the ground allowing reduced roadworks, detecting sinkholes and finding archaeological treasures
  • you’re developing new types of camera with unprecedented sensitivity and the capacity to time the arrival of the detected light, which, in time, will open up new markets in medical imaging, security, environmental monitoring and manufacturing of high value materials.
  • you are attempting to solve problems that even the most powerful of today's supercomputers struggle with eg to accelerate the discovery of new drugs or material or are making sense of "big data".
  • you are seeking funding for projects in these areas.

This event at The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0FZ, which opens at 9.30am for registration and is followed at 1pm by a networking lunch, will provide information for companies about the programme itself, and help identify ways in which you can take advantage of the opportunities and the funding allocated to support business collaboration.

The speakers and format for the event will be announced soon.  Cambridge Network is helping to market this event with the Quantum Communications hHb partners. For more information about the Quantum Communications Hub please contact Klitos Andrea (klitos.andrea@york.ac.uk).

Find out more and book your place here

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