Eventility brings people, places and things we do together. Less online, more social!


Eventility has announced the release of its free, easy-to-use events, groups, clubs and communities platform. Whether it’s small and local, in the village with just a few people, or a club, group or community with hundreds of events, the options are endless.

You can organise, manage, advertise and promote it all simply and efficiently.

For owners of venues and businesses, Eventility is a portal for online advertising, customer communications and centralised social networking. Managers can promote their venue, events, specials, facilities and the food and drink offers that are being served. They can do this while building a dedicated, secure and private online community.

Eventility delivers maximum reach for organisers and venue owners, through its content partners in the search, tourism, publishing and mobile sectors.

Ruth, one of the organisers of the private St Ives Book Club says “Eventility is good for us. We’ve around 18 members, and when adding our regular monthly event we were able to say what the book was and where we were meeting, we even changed the venue last minute and everybody’s here – so it’s [Eventility’s] worked really well.” Asked if they’d thought about using Facebook to organise it Ruth replied “Absolutely not,[Facebook] wouldn’t work to be honest.”

Robin Brattel, Founder and CEO of Eventility says “When I had the idea for Eventility it was because I wanted a set of simple to use tools to help me organise mountain biking trips more easily and regularly. I then realised that millions of people organise things for others every week, often giving up hours of their own time in organising and promoting what they do - I couldn’t see an obvious website solving the problems without charging! Concurrently I also saw an opportunity for venues and businesses to advertise themselves and the things they put on or the offers they have, which would be particularly useful to those who organise events and socials for others in their community. So Eventility was created to solve these problems. Our mantra is private first so the site is safe for kids and we’re less network more social in order to help the 70% of the UK who participate in activities every week find it just that bit easier to organise and promote what they’re up to.”

To start using it, go to www.eventility.com now.


Eventility was founded by Robin Brattel who realised that there are millions of people like him - organising things for people to do in their free time, often for no money at all. People who desperately need help and support in organising these activities - and in promoting them.


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