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Recently you would have received some communication from the DfE and NCSC, regarding the high levels of Cyber-attacks on schools and MAT’s recently and it’s even made the news.

Lucy at Breathe Technology writes:

It currently remains at the highest levels we have ever come across.

With Cyber-attacks becoming the norm, it is more important than ever to undertake regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests to identify where the vulnerabilities lie and to ensure the cyber controls are functioning on a regular basis, especially if you have never had one done before.

Therefore, as your local Education Sector Security Specialist, we recommend that you book a Penetration Test to establish if you have any weakness in your system. It is better to find it yourself, rather than a malicious Cyber Criminal.

We have found that more of our education customers book Penetration Tests these days rather than businesses.

You may be asking yourself, what is Penetration Testing about?

Pen Testing, sometimes also called Ethical Hacking, it is a managed approach to breaching/penetrating an organisation’s security system or network by a qualified security consultant, this is completed to discover the threats or vulnerabilities in those systems which a malicious attacker may find and exploit causing loss of data, financial loss or other major damage. 

These vulnerabilities may exist in the gateway security such as the firewalls, or public facing servers like email, remote working or an application. They could also be in operating systems, system services and application flaws, improper configurations, lack of patches and updates or risky end-user behaviour.

You need to bear in mind that It’s not always due to a bad setup, it could be related to a bug in the devices operating system and you may never know. Until it’s too late.

If you are able to exploit these security vulnerabilities successfully with a Trusted Partner, then you are able to implement measure, to stop the bad guys from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Proactive Penetration Testing is the best safeguard against hackers.

Our Discounted Penetration Testing Rates are listed below. Valid for 30 days only.

We are current offering the following packages for Schools:


Standard Price

Current Offer

Primary School
(2 Day process)



Secondary School/ College
(4 Day Process)



Academy Trusts

Trust are quoted on request, as all Trusts vary in size and complexity.

A day rate of £1,100 is applied to the number of consulting days required.

A discounted day rate of £799.00 per day will be used to calculate the quotation.


Universities are quoted on request.

A day rate of £1,100 is applied to the number of consulting days required.

A discounted day rate of £799.00 per day will be used to calculate the quotation.

**Please note that the offer is valid for 30 days, from this email. Bookings to be made within the 30 days period, although testing can take place at a later stage.

To book your Pen Testing, simply email lucy@breathetechnology.com or contact us on 01223 209 920.

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