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Dennis Harhalakis, founder of Cambridge Money Coaching.

With the help of Indie Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its exploration of the best independent businesses, people, shops, cafés, restaurants, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Cambridge Money Coaching.

Why do some people have a positive relationship with money and others don’t? Give one person a salary and they’ll have spent it and more before the end of the month, while another person can save 20% of the same amount. Why do we do things that we know are not good for our long-term financial wellbeing?

“Having issues with money is totally normal,” says Dennis Harhalakis, founder of Cambridge Money Coaching. “Money doesn’t come with instructions, it only comes with emotions. So it’s no surprise that sometimes we wrestle with money issues blindly. We may try to change our behaviour, but we don’t know why we can’t because we don’t understand what drives it. Then, when we can’t change, we feel guilty and ashamed, and we often don’t know who to talk to for fear of being judged.”

With 30 years’ experience in financial management, Dennis was no stranger to money issues. But he kept asking himself the questions: how do people develop the capability to manage their finances, and why is it that if you want to get better at practically anything else – yoga, running, life itself – you can find a coach to help you, but that’s not the case with money?

To help people with these questions, Dennis has set up his own coaching business, Cambridge Money Coaching. It is, he says, a safe space in which people can explore their patterns and beliefs around money, and can then begin implementing the practical aspects of building good financial habits: learning how to save, plan and manage daily finances.  

Dennis also runs a programme of workshops on financial wellbeing for companies to support their employees. He is particularly interested in working with small business owners and also delivers talks to parents who want to learn how to raise financially capable children.

Cambridge Money Coaching
Telephone 01223 834881


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