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 Jane Horwood, owner of Catfish Web Design

With the help of Indie Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its weekly exploration of the best independent shops, cafés, restaurants, people, businesses, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Catfish Web Design.

If you’ve ever commissioned a website, then you know it can be quite a challenging experience. Finding the right developer who understands your business, effectively communicating what you want and navigating all the options and technical language is not always easy - to say the least! If this all rings true for you, then possibly a call to Jane Horwood, owner of Catfish Web Design, might just save your sanity and help to build your website and business.

Jane and her team of long-established associates have been designing and developing websites for over 18 years. With her refreshingly upfront and open manner, Jane has earned a lot of respect for her straight-talking approach and honest critique of her client’s existing online presence. Asking the right questions, right at the beginning of the business relationship, are crucial requirements as far as Jane is concerned.

Just a quick scroll through the Catfish portfolio on their own website, brings up a pretty impressive list of clients - the majority of which are local to the Cambridge area, as another of Jane’s strengths is her involvement in the local business scene. She was one of the first people to introduce a series of networking events for women in business and ‘working locally and buying locally’ is one of her motto’s in life.

Working alongside Jane is an experienced team including a programmer and photographer as well as specialists in SEO, marketing, social media and video. If you need to create strong branding offline as well as on, then Catfish offers graphic design for print too.

Catfish Web Design
2 Butler Way, Haslingfield, Cambridge CB23 1JG
Telephone 01223 873349


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