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Sarah Ingram - Writer

With the help of Indie Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its exploration of the best independent businesses, people, shops, cafés, restaurants, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Sarah Ingram - Writer.

A voracious reader as a child - forever penning poems or conjuring up imaginative stories - Sarah Ingram has had a lifelong love affair with the written word. But it’s only recently that she’s been able to jump wholeheartedly into writing as a career.

Growing up, Sarah yearned to be an actor - and after studying drama - spent 13-years treading the boards, a highlight including appearing in iconic TV crime drama The Professionals!

Sarah took time out when son William was born, then worked as a freelance abstractor for an academic business publishing house. Latterly, she’s clocked up 18 years’ service for John Lewis, beginning as a selling assistant, and recently bidding farewell after eight years as marketing co-ordinator at the Cambridge store.

Throughout her diverse career, Sarah has never lost her passion for literature and writing, gaining an array of formal qualifications, including a Master of Studies in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge.

Embracing the opportunity to write, Sarah is currently working on a fascinating portfolio of commissions including copywriting for our very own Indie, and monthly glossy, Velvet Magazine, penning a fragmented novel, proofreading, and joining writers’ collective, Inkwell Authors. Her biggest project is creating a moving memoir of her father, who died when she was three, but wrote a stack of entertaining letters to her mother while he was a missionary in Africa.

Incredibly adept at what she does, Sarah has a reassuringly old-fashioned approach, offering clear, accurate writing, attention to detail, and the ability to transform reams of information into small and perfectly formed prose. She’s also a master storyteller, able to extract key information to captivate the reader. But perhaps most importantly, her enthusiasm is unerring: “I feel a sense of wonderment to be able to do something that I’ve always loved,” she says.

Sarah Ingram - Writer
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