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With the help of Indie Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its weekly exploration of the best independent shops, cafés, restaurants, people, businesses, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Zedify.

The subject of air pollution and the harmful impact it has, appears almost daily in the news (no place more so than in Cambridge itself), and the transport on our roads is its biggest single source. Although representing just a fraction of the total number of vehicles on our roads, delivery vehicles generate a disproportionate amount of emissions because of what is known as ‘the last mile’ – the numerous short journeys involved in the final step of the delivery process.

So, while debates about traffic problems in Cambridge rumble endlessly on, one indie business is taking the bull by the horns – or should that be the bike by the handlebars? Local courier firm Zedify (the ZED bit = Zero Emission Deliveries), is the product of 20 years’ industry experience, co-founded by Rob King of Outspoken and Sam Keam of Brighton-based Recharge Cargo. Along with technology company Skotkonung, they have cleverly created their very own IT platform, allowing for a fully digitally tracked zero-emissions delivery process.

The way in which Zedify is different is that they collate deliveries at depots on the outskirts of the city. After items have been organised into routes, they’re then delivered on specially adapted electric-powered cargo-bikes or electric vans if needed for really big stuff. Across a growing network, they’re moving thousands of parcels daily, and by working with national logistic carriers, have proven that a huge proportion of these deliveries can be made via bike or other sustainable methods.

As well as developing their ‘last mile’ system, the Zedify team also have their very own customer portal, which means that businesses themselves can book, track and manage their own deliveries. In London for instance, where there’s been huge growth in subscription delivery, be that coffee or organic fruit, customers pre-select and book regular deliveries. Here in Cambridge, we have such a vibrant indie scene, so it's great to have a service that allows great produce to be accessible to even more people, more regularly and with this sort of convenience.

Bike Depot, 140, Cowley Road Cambridge CB4 0DL
Telephone 01223 719594


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