Extract Information publishes 9th issue of the InfoBlog


Extract Information's InfoBlog reports on the commercial information industry, with a special focus on patent information through tracking publications of 60 organisations - from new product announcements to news on commercial information and the patent offices.

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This month brings news of patent content, search and analytic tools  from Ambercite, Clarivate Analytics, Gridlogics, and STN.  The IP5 offices meeting, JPO information, and delays facing the Unitary Patent Court in Europe are reported from the patent offices.  News from Linguamatics on how I2E is used in mining health data in the US, and Averbis’ new text analytics platform for mixed content sources.  Links to full news items are provided so you can easily find out more on items of interest.

The InfoBlog follows 60 organisations from around the world, tracking new product announcements, and patent information updates from the IP5 offices and WIPO.   You can now subscribe to the blog, to receive an email with a link to each new edition.   After a break the InfoBlog is now again publishing more regularly. The next edition will be published in September and contain news from July and August.  The blog follows the major and emerging commercial patent information, search and software services companies, but also includes other information search and research news as identified through the news-tracker.

Follow the InfoBlog to stay up to date with the latest developments in the patent information industry.  Information Industry Digest IX can be downloaded as PDF or viewed as a blog at http://www.extractinfo.info/info-blog/, or complete the form here to subscribe: http://www.extractinfo.info/info-blog/subscribe-here/

Extract Information is working with search software developer Deep SEARCH 9, whose new web content analytics technology is used to build the SEARCHCORPUS for the InfoBlog. Deep SEARCH 9 can be used to create repeatable, precision search queries which will run on sources on the public web. For more information on setting up your own news tracker contact info@extractinfo.info.   For more information on Deep SEARCH 9 visit their home page at deepsearchnine.com or contact:  info@deepsearchnine.com





Extract Information, founded in 2013 is based in South Cambridgeshire and provides search, training and consultancy services for its clients. Extract Information provides expertise in IP management and IPR related technology commercialisation matters. Extract Information provides training and guidance for those wishing to establish competitive and technology intelligence gathering practice in house.

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