F02PiX packaging gets adrenaline rush


Acclaimed design agency, Adrenaline Creative, has designed new packaging for creative software developer, Fo2PiX, for the recently launched ArtMaster suite of software applications.

The Cambridge-based design and marketing agency worked in partnership with Fo2PiX to produce a striking packaging design for its revolutionary suite of imaging software, ArtMaster and ArtMasterPro.

Adrenaline has developed an enviable reputation in the industry for its specialist skills in software packaging design and won the contract because of its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the consumer and commercial sectors.

'Fo2PiX specialises in the innovation, development and publication of creative image software solutions for digital photographers across the spectrum', said Matt Rigby-Burr, Creative Director at Adrenaline.

'It required a brand design for the complete ArtMaster product range, from the standard software package to the hi-end professional product, which would make a real impact to photo enthusiasts and professionals alike. We believe the strong design enhances its innovative range of products and will help deliver market success.'

ArtMaster is a creative tool - a software programme, which effectively turns a digital photograph into a piece of fine art in a wide variety of styles. The latest release, which has received fantastic product reviews in leading computer and photography publications, includes ground-breaking, patented technologies not found in other image editors.

The ArtMasterPro version allows professional photographers, commercial artists, illustrators and studios to offer their customers exciting creative services that deliver exceptional high-value fine art.

For the more budget conscious enthusiast, the standard ArtMaster software is also proving popular. It provides an easy and fun way to turn digital photos into professional looking artwork that can be framed and hung on the wall.

Don McCrae, CEO at Fo2PiX concluded, 'Software supplied and sold on CD can be a rather dull offering, but Adrenaline made the packaging for our new flagship titles really stand out - we're delighted with the final result.'


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