Fellows awarded prestigious new Churchill Medallion at London award ceremony


Dr Jenny Tillotson FRSA, Sensory Designer, academic and entrepreneur from Cambridge, was presented with a newly designed Churchill medallion at a prestigious biennial award ceremony in London last week (Wednesday, 18th May) during Mental Health Awareness Week, after successfully completing her Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship.


Jenny was presented with the stunning blue cloisonné enamelled silver Churchill medallion by its designer and Guest of Honour, Professor Brian Clarke, who is a world renowned architectural artist, and a 1974 Churchill Fellow himself. Professor Clarke presented 129 Fellows with their medallions at a ceremony in Church House, in Central London.  Church House has significant Churchillian associations as during the Blitz, Winston Churchill requisitioned Church House as a makeshift Houses of Parliament after the originals had been damaged by bombing. It was also from Church House that he made his famous speech announcing the sinking of the Bismarck on 24th May 1941.

As part of her Fellowship, Jenny travelled to the USA to investigate 'Sensory Fashion stress management tools that build a mood profile and prevent a bipolar relapse', with a view to pioneering eScent®, an emotionally intelligent device that uses Artificial Intelligence to release mood-enhancing fragrances as a personalised 'scent bubble' around the wearer. Based on her findings, she is now developing wearable technology that is empowering, de‐stigmatising and easy to integrate into everyday life, using fragrances that are biosynced to a person's current emotional, mental or physical state and in a real-time manner relieves the condition.

Speaking about the Fellowship, Jenny said “The Travelling Fellowships provide opportunities for UK citizens to go abroad on a worthwhile project of their own choosing, with the aim of enriching their lives through their global experiences – and to bring back the benefit to others in their UK profession or community through sharing the results of their new knowledge”.

Professor Brian Clarke praised all the Fellows for their outstanding achievements, and said that “I know from personal experience that the Fellowship represents a wonderful opportunity. I am continually amazed and inspired by the Churchill Fellows dedication and commitment to making a difference in so many areas affecting today’s society.”


Contact:The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust on 020 7799 1660 or press@wcmt.org.uk



eScent® is a wearable wireless scent technology for the controlled-release of dispensing perfumes and delivering scent for aromatherapy, pheromones, inhalable decongestants and insect repellent.