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Cambridge-based specialist distributor , in conjunction with Year 2000 experts Piercom, has signed an agreement with British Steel Strip Products to provide Year 2000 verification on one of its key software languages.

The project will ensure that British Steel's preparations for the end-of-year date change are securely and reliably in place and that any problems are minimised.

Andrew Jocelyn, marketing director at Flynet, said: 'Large companies such as British Steel have long recognised that there's no room for complacency and have taken steps to ensure that no problems occur when the calendar rolls over. At this stage it's something they have to be completely sure about, and that's where we can help.'

John Hornsby, Year 2000 Compliance Manager at British Steel Strip Products, commented: 'British Steel has been working on checking and renovating its systems for Year 2000 compliance for more than two years. Having reached the stage of final testing, we were very pleased that Flynet was qualified to provide an independent validation and verification service, particularly given the specialised nature of this software. The review has significantly increased our confidence that our systems are ready for Year 2000.'


Flynet, founded in 1995, provides business with the ability to use legacy computer systems with emerging technologies such as e-commerce and the Internet. In particular, the company specialises in providing connectivity software between local area networks, mid-range systems and mainframes together with solutions that solve, for example, Y2K and Euro conversion problems.

The company has created a partnership accreditation scheme with value added resellers. This has produced a channel able to provide specialist services, knowledge and expertise within vertical markets. This approach has given Flynet a unique status, as a distributor, by supplying VAR's with the tools as well as the products that their customers require.

Flynet also uses its expertise with legacy systems to provide consultancy on complex software distribution and management issues as well as giving Flynet the ability to assist companies with problems relating to the Year 2000 date change.

Flynet's customers are 'blue chip' companies in many sectors; major customers include BT Syntegra and British Steel. The company has its headquarters in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.


At Flynet we have been building technical solutions for our customers since 1995. With our first product, Flynet Viewer, we were pioneers in the mainframe industry, fusing web technologies with established business systems running on mainframes and legacy applications.

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