FT analysts team up with Kartupelis


Markets are becoming increasingly global as the Internet supports international trade, yet local knowledge and contacts are still vital to business success.

An initiative by PR specialists, , will enable companies to communicate effectively with an overseas audience from a UK base, and gather strategic business intelligence.

'The Internet provides both a new channel to market and a communications medium. This creates an opportunity and a threat to UK business,' comments Jenny Kartupelis, Managing Director of Kartupelis Associates. 'To support regional business operating internationally we have formed a strategic partnership with Web Centric, the Internet and information consultancy, to provide a range of specialist business development services.'

Web Centric, formed by Financial Times Internet business analysts Ray Attwood and Andrew Parker, provides management with strategic business intelligence, such as competitor analysis, critiques of industry trends and assessment of market potential for new products. With technology writers for leading business publications, Web Centric's contacts, knowledge of the Internet and the market for Internet based technologies is unparalleled.

'The Internet market is moving so fast that accurate intelligence is crucial to success,' comments Ray Attwood, Managing Director of Web Centric. 'Global networked communications are now having a considerable impact on existing business processes and can provide significant opportunities to develop new trading models. You only have to look at the recent massive rise in IT and Internet related job advertisements in the Situations Vacant columns of your local newspaper, to see the impact that Internet is having on both the internal and external operations of companies across various business sectors. Enterprises of all sizes including small local firms, will benefit from using Internet based technologies to reach new markets that previously were just too difficult or cost intensive to deal with.

'At Web Centric we have been researching and tracking business applications of Internet since 1994 and during that time have seen companies taking the right and wrong approaches to electronic business. There is a lot more to developing successful commercial Internet strategies than creating web sites. Our relationship with Kartupelis Associates will allow us to use our insight and experience of fast-developing global Internet business models to benefit many local organisations.'

The alliance with Web Centric means that Kartupelis Associates is now part of an international consortium of public relations agencies which will provide local input and implementation for international campaigns. These are based primarily in North America and Europe, but it is planned to extend the network.

One of the consortium, the PR Department, based in San Francisco, USA is a dynamic company with contacts throughout 'Silicon Valley'. Through this link, Kartupelis Associates can offer US trade show support, media tours and launches, speaking opportunities and competitor analysis for the US market.