Geneva Technology releases EAI connector for Vitria's BusinessWare product


Geneva Technology, a leading international provider of convergent billing software for the telecommunications, e-commerce, utilities and on-line services marketplaces, has developed an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) connector for integration with third party components.

This optional module gives Geneva out-of-the-box compatibility with Vitria's market-leading eBusiness platform, BusinessWare.

Today's global corporations have recognised the immense opportunity of B2B networks that facilitate the rapid partnering and execution of business collaborations automatically. As the complexity of modern business systems and the potential for integrating best-of-breed applications increases, operators are increasingly turning to EAI platform solutions. These EAI platforms simplify the process of translating data and commands from one application into the format of another whilst reducing the implementation risk and the cost of maintaining and upgrading the system.

Vitria is an established eBusiness platform provider and its BusinessWare product enables companies to conduct business over the Internet and across corporate networks. Key business processes, such as inventory management and order fulfilment, can be automated by managing the flow of information across internal IT systems and those of customers and partners, thereby increasing the control and visibility of a company's extended enterprise.

Geneva's pre-integrated connector for Vitria will significantly reduce integration time between Geneva, the rating and billing component, and other mission-critical systems that are also Vitria-enabled. Improving Geneva's already impressive delivery time by shortening the period it takes to integrate Geneva with other enterprise solutions, such as CRM, will deliver tangible benefits to both customers and systems integrators. The Geneva EAI solution is supplied with full documentation and is built on a strong core API set that has enabled Geneva to be successfully deployed within many complex point-to-point systems, where integration with systems such as mediation, provisioning, CRM and financials was a key feature.

Christoph Wilfert, Vice President Marketing, Geneva Technology, welcomed the opportunity to work alongside Vitria. 'There is a strong strategic fit between our two businesses and we have now established a tight technical fit between the products. Integrating Geneva's revenue and transaction management capabilities with Vitria's eBusiness platform creates a powerful tool that can deliver shorter lead times, reduce time to market, lower operating costs, and result in increased customer satisfaction'.

Joe Haywood, Business Development Manager, Vitria Technology, added: 'The development of the Geneva connector is a significant addition to the inventory of applications that can be integrated using BusinessWare. This underlines Vitria's leadership in EAI for the telecommunications sector'.

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About Vitria Technology

Vitria Technology, Inc. ( is a leading ebusiness platform provider. Vitria's ebusiness platform, BusinessWare, automates trading partner relationships and mission-critical business processes across the extended enterprise, reducing time to market, shortening lead times, lowering operating costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. Vitria is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: VITR) based in Sunnyvale, California.

About Geneva Technology

Geneva Technology is a leading international provider of convergent billing software for the telecommunications, e-commerce, utilities and on-line services marketplaces. The company's product Geneva is a real-time transaction-based system offering the performance required by major carriers handling large volumes of data. Geneva has been designed to meet the needs of fast-changing competitive markets; its unique approach allows the new products and services that are becoming available through the advent of market deregulation and new technology to be introduced quickly and without changes to the software. Services currently being billed by Geneva include fixed and mobile voice telephony and data services running over circuit-switched, IP, GPRS, TETRA and DSL networks. Geneva customers include national PTTs, ISPs, ASPs, content providers and utilities. By focusing on the customer account across any combination of services, Geneva provides true convergent billing, including support for innovative multiple service packages involving flexible discounting and targeted marketing offers. It can also handle the complex language, currency and tax requirements of multi-national users.

The company was formed in 1989 and is based in Cambridge UK. It has offices in Washington DC, Paris, Madrid, and Frankfurt. Internationally-based customers include British Telecom, ntl:, Telewest Communications, Tiscali, Maxitel, Dolphin Telecommunications, HanseNet Telekommunikation and Wireless Maingate. Geneva Technology is supported by a major investment package from leading venture capital companies Spectrum Equity Investors and Geocapital Partners.

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