George Clooney is an ox


George Clooney is an ox ... according to Chinese astrology, that is - and for oxen their year begins on January 26th. This is the Year of the Ox, and as the Chinese New Year dawns, the Cambridge Dragonboat Festival is being launched.

This exciting Chinese event will take place on the waters of the Cam at Fen Ditton in September - and you have a chance to take part!

Dragon Boat racing is exciting, competitive and fun, and you don’t need any previous experience to take to the water with your crew for a colourful day’s competition – a fantastic team-building experience.

Ox characteristics could be useful for a Dragon Boat crew: dependable; strong; wonderful companion; good team player; successful through hard work; capable of achieving great things. The Ox does not like to be embarrassed in public, which should lead to enhanced performance too...

However, even if your colleagues have more of the attributes of Sheep and Roosters than Dragons or Oxen, taking part can only be a positive experience!

It is all in a great cause too; the nominated charity to benefit from the event is East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. The Cambridge Dragon Boat Festival takes place on Saturday 12th September.

For details and a registration form go to

Image: Chinese Dancers perform on the banks of the Cam at Fen Ditton at last year’s Dragonboat Festival


East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) aims to maximise the quality of life for children and young people with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, and to support their families.

East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH)