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Do you need to learn how to lead people - or how to manage them for the first time? Do you want to know about product management for technical markets? If so, Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration has a course for you coming up soon.


Transition to Leadership on Thursday 16 & Friday 17 June (a host venue is required) is an interactive, reflective and highly practical course, leading to concrete actions to achieve success through positive and engaging leadership behaviours.

Promotion makes us managers - but often with no man management experience or training. We sink or swim and our people sink or swim with us. Some of us are good at 'getting it done'  - but what damage may we cause along the way?

We all have our own natural leadership style, but unless we are aware of it we will be unable to flex when required, and the morale and resilience of the team will be negatively affected.

This two day event is designed to highlight what is important, what you currently 'measure up to' and where you can change to ensure greater leadership success.

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Managing People for the First Time on Wednesday 22 June (a host venue is also requiredis aimed at those who are taking on a supervisory role. It's the first step into management - an exciting but often challenging move. This one day workshop covers all the essential skills that you will need to ensure that you feel confident to carry out this role effectively.

  • By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
  • Describe the qualities of a successful supervisor/first line manager
  • Describe the key functions of a first line management role
  • Understand the interpersonal skills needed to be an effective manager
  • Plan and structure management of others
  • Draw up SMART objectives
  • Use a structured approach to problem solving
  • Understand what makes an effective team

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Product Management for Technical Markets  on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 28, 29 and 30 June  (a host venue is also required sets out to define the role of Product Management.

Detailing the characteristics of a successful Product Manager, students learn, over the course of three day-long workshops, where to focus their efforts to be most effective and how to balance tactical and strategic activities.

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Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration works on behalf of local employers to organise training and management development for their staff. Set up by the Network in conjunction with local HR Directors, our aim is to provide all Cambridge Network members and organisations with improved access to high quality, shared training courses at value-for-money prices.

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