Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is 'Best for Global Life Science Regulatory Affairs 2016'


The winners of the 2016 Biotechnology Awards have just been announced by GHP Magazine and Global Regulatory Services (GRS) has been awarded “Best for Global Life Science Regulatory Affairs, 2016”.


Bobby Deal, Managing Director, said: “It is great that regulatory affairs is being recognised as an important aspect of the life sciences. 

"I’m delighted that, by winning this award, we have gained recognition not only for the company and our specialists but also for regulatory professionals all around the world.  I’m hopeful that our success will inspire others to join the regulatory profession.”

To find out more about the 2016 Biotechnology Awards please visit the magazine's website and GHP Magazine winners supplement.


About Global Regulatory Services (GRS)

Operating at the forefront of technology, GRS is a specialist organisation with worldwide coverage providing solutions to the global life science industry focusing on regulatory affairs, quality compliance and innovation.  With a worldwide network of professionals, GRS is able to support companies with emerging, novel technologies from foods to herbals, medical devices to IVDs, pharmaceuticals to regenerative therapies and borderline medicinal products.  Specialist teams have been established who have both scientific and regulatory expertise with the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory agencies.  We continually fulfil our goal of “Driving Innovation to Market Success™”.

About GHP Magazine

Global Health and Pharma magazine is a global information sharing platform and a multi-disciplinary members' community. The publication was established to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all themes and disciplines within three main categories; Human, Animal & Environmental Health.


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Headquartered in Cambridge, Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is an award winning global consultancy offering a holistic approach to the regulatory and quality compliance requirements of the Life Science Industry.

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