Graphene patent applications surge around the world, especially in Asia


2012 experienced particularly high numbers of new graphene patent applications around the world, especially in Asian countries including China and South Korea, according to a new report from CambridgeIP.

Its pending IP Insight ReportTMPatenting flatland: Graphene’ will address key questions, trends and features of the graphene IP Landscape®.To request access to the report visit:

CambridgeIP’s research into the graphene patent landscape and the views of its Chairman, Quentin Tannock, have been featured by the BBC (radio and online), by the Telegraph and elsewhere.

CambridgeIP graphene patent landscape research for the period to 31st December 2012 shows a surge in graphene patent filings around the world from around 2007.

Last year, 2012, experienced particularly high numbers of new graphene patent applications, with a relatively large proportion of global graphene patent applications being made in Asian countries. 

One of the striking features of the graphene patent landscape is the marked increase in graphene patent activity in Asia, especially South Korea and China, over the past several years” said Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP) commenting on CambridgeIP’s graphene patent landscape research.  

The volume of graphene patents around the world and the relatively few graphene patents in the UK, where the material was first isolated, have given rise to concerns that the UK may loose out in the global graphene commercialisation race. Yet the race for value from graphene is far from over. CambridgeIP analysis reveals several key graphene patents from UK based players and reveals that Manchester University, home to Nobel Prize winners Professor Geim and Professor Novoselov, has increased its graphene patent application rate in 2011 and 2012.

According to Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP) “The race for value from graphene is far from over.  UK inventors have a well-deserved reputation for being particularly innovative and the UK has enormous potential to secure future value in the graphene patent landscape.  Additional funding for graphene R&D in the UK, and a growing awareness of the importance of patents to business models in many of the end-use sectors for graphene, will doubtless help UK based players secure most value from their graphene innovations”.

As the first 2D crystal discovered and with unusual electronic, optical and mechanical properties, graphene is of interest across industry fields as diverse as Aerospace, Biotech, Energy, Industrial Chemicals and Semiconductors.

Patents are central to business models and business strategies in many key application sectors for graphene developments. The contribution of 2012 graphene patent applications is likely to rise further as additional 2012 patents are published around the world. This is an especially important field to watch in 2013.

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