Greenfield Ventures signs promising new financial solutions provider.


Advice Store is pleased to announce the appointment of Greenfield Ventures, the specialist technology headhunting company to source two high level board members to aid in the ongoing development of its business.

'We are looking for people with vision, and drive to ensure the success of Advice Store, ideally two people with proven track records in the technology industry. Greenfield Ventures are ideally positioned to find such experienced Executives. We especially like their approach of investing an element of their fees for equity,' said Chris Batten, CEO Advice Store.

Advice-Store is a private company currently supplying support services to the Financial Services sector in the UK. The historic services include Software design and distribution, Business, Compliance, Training Consultancy and Independent Financial Advice. The group was formed towards the end of 2000 from three existing businesses.

Advice-Store's current client portfolio will expand to include other sectors to maximise opportunities in preparation for sale or flotation within the first 18 months of trading, and build a business of true worth.

Advice-Store is expanding its services to provide a full range of products and services to the small business sector, based around decision support systems and risk management, using internal and external knowledge and experience via a portfolio of preferred partners. Advice-Stores key unique capability is to provide cost effective solutions spanning multiple skills in a seamless stream of information, coordinated and matched prior to delivery to the end user. Solutions that until now have been fragmented therefore cumbersome and ill matched to client needs.

The demand for information, financial services, legal and accounting advice, and general consulting services in the small business sector are growing rapidly. The provision for these services is generally fragmented and demonstrates little synergy. The small business market has been starved of quality information due to the high cost of effective consultancy.

Advice-Store will provide support services and information to empower client's to manage development, change and risk, as well as providing training and practical guidance.

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