Hawaii’s famous sweet bread recipe protected with Darktrace AI

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Darktrace, the world’s leading cyber AI company, has announced that Hawaiian Foods Company, and leading producer of sweet rolls, King’s Hawaiian, deployed Darktrace AI to protect its valuable original bread recipe and defend its manufacturing facilities in the face of a complex and evolving threat landscape.

What began as a family-run company in 1950 has since grown into a consumer favorite and leading US brand with over 1,000 employees. The sweet rolls are produced through a highly automated process that spans multiple floors and countless conveyor belts. While efficient, this automated process and the technologies involved are potential targets for cyber-criminals. A successful cyber-attack against the bakery could disrupt production, lead to inventory shortages, and impact the company’s reputation.

King’s Hawaiian’s lean security team is tasked with defending both the company’s famous bread recipe and its extensive production facilities from advanced cyber-criminals. The company turned to the Enterprise and Industrial Immune Systems to ensure that its entire digital enterprise and physical infrastructure was secure. Darktrace AI’s ability to detect anomalous behavior indicative of the earliest stages of cyber-threat was especially critical at the company’s production bakeries, where machines are often built without security in mind. With Darktrace AI, King’s Hawaiian can stay one step ahead of advanced cyber-attacks.

“Darktrace filled a number of key gaps for us,” commented Qadir Nawaz, Director of Infrastructure and Technical Services. “Cyber AI can detect cyber-threats before damage is done – whether they arise from an employee or from the industrial systems on our production floor. You need AI in place to quickly identify and respond to threats – you truly can’t put a dollar value on Darktrace.”

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