HiTeam CEO supports small businesses during Downing Street visit


Mark Layzell from HiTeam visited 10 Downing Street to discuss solutions to small business problems.

Mark Layzell of  HiTeam and WebWorksWell met with Jimmy McLoughlin at Downing Street to talk about small business. They discussed the problems small businesses are facing and ways the government can resolve these issues and support small business.

Mark’s comments were well received by the group. He spoke about problems small businesses face; the main issue they face when starting out is their online appearance and lack of a website. This links to ineffective marketing as they won’t have the same reach as other businesses with effective digital marketing; however it’s rare for a small business to have suitable search engine optimisation with effective online marketing.

Another issue Mark raised was that small businesses are being taken advantage of and are wasting valuable time and money in services they don’t necessarily need. They will only find this out months or even years in the future. One business owner related to the problem, identifying that she has been through several difficult agencies all saying that they would have to build a website for her costing her thousands of pounds.

WebWorksWell provides a unique free service that allows business owners to analyse their websites, improve search engine optimisation (SEO), improve usability, enhance performance, increase security and grow their social media. The websites and features are graded A+ to F-, this can all be found on www.webworkswell.com/free-web-test

WebWorksWell can also take over existing websites and enhance them by making regular incremental improvements that can fit a small businesses budget without the need of redesigning the entire site.

To find out more information, please visit www.HiTeamGroup.com/web or www.webworkswell.com/digital-marketing


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